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Disneyland: Take Two

After Paul's month-long business trip (no kidding, 30 days around the entire globe... working), we decided a mini-vacation was in order. A quick trip to Southern California for two days at Disneyland fit the bill. We all missed having everyone around in our family for the month that Paul was gone, so there was nothing like Disneyland to celebrate having our family back together. Really together. Maybe a little too together. Errr, just kidding!

Disneyland: take two  actually was pretty great. In fact, it was better than our first trip of 2012 back in May. I think the whole holiday thing that both amusement parks do kind of took over and made us feel festive and thankful and Christmas-y all rolled into one. There were decorations everywhere. It was impossible not to catch a little of that holiday spirit. So we caught it and had a good time. The crowds were at a minimum, the weather was nice, and we all were in pretty darned good moods for those two short, sweet days.

Our first visit…