Happy Halloween 2012

Halloween has become quite the spectacular holiday for our family. We have our pumpkin patch traditions, our pumpkin carving traditions, our decoration and artwork traditions, and, of course, our trick-or-treating extravaganza. All three kids are less frightened of Halloween now, but we still avoid any and all scary houses. Not even candy can get them to walk down the path of would-be haunted houses. Just not worth it to them. Yet.

Annabel's Friday Art. This pumpkin has no teeth because she had just lost yet another front tooth!

Charlotte the spider has decorated our house again.

Charlotte up close.

Sammy's pumpkin collage art.

Annabel's pumpkin collage art.

Lucy's pumpkin collage art.

Pumpkin carving time!

Not impressed with scooping the goop.

Planning her (toothless!) face.

More face planning.

This year for the first time ever Lucy carved her very own pumpkin from start to finish. She was so proud!!!

Funny face!

Carved exactly as drawn. Spooky!

Two of a kind!

Lucy as Spot the dog, Sammy as Spider-Man and Annabel as ballerina girl, all dressed up for the school carnival. 
(Spot the dog's costume was handmade. Worth it because she loved it, but no easy task!)

Happy Halloween!


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