Tonsils and Adenoids Gone

Sammy had huge tonsils and adenoids that were causing obstructive sleep apnea just like Lucy, so he, too, had them removed at age 4. He was a great patient before the surgery and all went well while he was in the OR. Unfortunately, he was really not into being at the hospital and in so much pain upon waking up. He reacted poorly to just about everything from there on out. Following being booted out of the hospital as rapidly as possible, he had a really rough few days at home with the usual post-op symptoms. To make matters worse he had to deal with more pain than he should have because he refused the medicine more often than not. It was pitiful, but we were able to keep him hydrated so we pushed through as best we could. Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy recovery is no picnic; it's pretty much 72 hours of extreme discomfort, not eating well, not sleeping well and all around misery for your little one. You try to comfort and care for them as best you can, but there's nothing that can take all that misery away. Now having helped two of my kids through it, I have more experience than I would like, but we were lucky that we didn't have any complications this time. After a few days he started to feel much better. He developed a strong aversion to hospitals and doctors that I still see six months after the surgery. Despite the ordeal of it all, it was absolutely worth doing because he sleeps like a dream now.

Putting stickers in his hospital sticker passport.

Loopy from the Versed. This was his light saber finger.

They gave him a bunny. It helped.

Just before they took him.

At home and resting.

Managed a smile after a few days home.


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