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Tonsils and Adenoids Gone

Sammy had huge tonsils and adenoids that were causing obstructive sleep apnea just like Lucy, so he, too, had them removed at age 4. He was a great patient before the surgery and all went well while he was in the OR. Unfortunately, he was really not into being at the hospital and in so much pain upon waking up. He reacted poorly to just about everything from there on out. Following being booted out of the hospital as rapidly as possible, he had a really rough few days at home with the usual post-op symptoms. To make matters worse he had to deal with more pain than he should have because he refused the medicine more often than not. It was pitiful, but we were able to keep him hydrated so we pushed through as best we could. Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy recovery is no picnic; it's pretty much 72 hours of extreme discomfort, not eating well, not sleeping well and all around misery for your little one. You try to comfort and care for them as best you can, but there's nothing th…

We Are 40!

My dear friend Hilarie and I celebrated turning 40 this year with a husband-sponsored weekend trip to Nevada City, California. We met in the dorms our first year at college in Humboldt 22 years ago and our friendship now is as strong as ever. Even though our college paths went different directions we still stayed in touch. She went to Africa (Peace Corps) and I went to Spain (language school). Our paths crossed again in San Francisco for a little while before she went to Virginia for more schooling and I stayed in San Francisco. Later on, I was her maid of honor at her wedding and she the matron of honor at mine. We had our first born children the same year and both are girls. Our second born kids also were born the same summer two years later. We have remained close friends despite long distances and different challenges that life has thrown our way. It was wonderful of our husbands to set up this weekend getaway for us, and we relaxed and enjoyed to the fullest the quiet time away…

First Day of Preschool

Sammy was so very excited to finally be starting school this year. The girls started a few weeks before him, so he was quite ready to jump on in, too. We found a great new preschool for him this year that is a perfect fit for his learning style and temperament. It's a wonderful setting and he is thriving. What a joy it is to see your kid really doing well. Sammy has had some rough patches here and there, but this new preschool is definitely all right. Building a rocket ship with the Skil Saw and using the hot glue gun for sculptures is totally him. And it's not just that, this school is all about exploring the world. So much to do, so much to see. Fabulous for him. We are thrilled!