Summer Reading Game

All three kids did the public library's reading game this summer, and all three completed it! The girls each read more than one hundred books and received medals, Annabel's first and Lucy's third. Sammy and I read many books together for his little bear game and he picked an orange bear as a reward. The reading game is quite the undertaking, with a minimum of one library visit a week for us because we were away for a couple of weeks. Toward the end we went twice a week to check in just so we would complete it by the final day. Whew! It was down to the wire, but we did it! I am very proud of all of them for keeping up their reading skills during the otherwise non-academic summer months.

In September the medal-wearing girls shook the hand of the mayor of Livermore, John Marchand, as well as all the city council members. It was a big night for them, and they even got to see themselves on public access TV once at home. We saw many friends in the line to shake hands and even posed for a picture with one of Lucy's best friends, Mikayla, as well as Mikayla's brother.


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