Big Basin Camping Trip

This August we went on our second annual Big Basin camping trip with two other families we've been friends with for years and years. It was a great time yet again! This year we went in August instead of September, which worked much better, as it was before the start of school for most of us. I goofed a little on reserving the campsites because they added a very sunny campsite at the end of the loop that didn't exist last year, so I booked the last two on the loop not realizing the last one wasn't what I thought it was. It didn't actually matter because we all easily fit on the other huge campsite under the shady redwood trees, so all was fine even with the minor scrambling of campsites. (I have noted the correct site numbers for next year!) It's a great group of easygoing people with a lot of patience for camping and kids. Our families meshed so well, even with kids of all different ages and temperaments. So nice to have that!

The sun was warm and the creek was inviting, so we spent a lot of time exploring the water right next to the campsites and keeping cool down there. The guys even took all the kids down for an afternoon, letting us ladies relax and enjoy a quiet couple hours back at camp. What a great afternoon just chatting and relaxing under the redwoods, while the menfolk enjoyed a beer and the kids had a blast in the water (we brought extra clothes this time for all the creek wading that went on that afternoon). On the last night, the kids put on what is becoming the traditional camp play, which this year again was appropriately dramatic, somewhat improvisational and perhaps a little chaotic, too. Love the budding thespians in all of them!

I am already looking forward to another camping trip next August. We might even try a new camping spot, but if not, Big Basin is tried and true. What a whole lot of fun for all!


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