Backyard Birthday Splash!

We made a big backyard splash for Sammy's 4th birthday party, complete with water slide, coconut bowling, handmade fish beach towels (more sewing machine magic from yours truly!), shark cupcakes, shark pinata (plus bag decorating for the pinata candy), fishing in a little blue pond, and plenty of under-the-sea decor. It wasn't too unbearably hot for August, and we all had a great time. Happy Birthday, Sammy!

I usually fail to acknowledge the enormous amount of effort it takes us to decorate the house and yard, prepare the food, create all the favors and games, and make all the other arrangements to host a party like this. Every little thing we do for the special day often goes unmentioned in a simple blog entry. However, it is no small task and it most definitely does not come easily to me, particularly being a hostess, introvert that I am. Still, it is always worth it for our special birthday child. Always. We are happy to do it because, well, look at that smile! That's Sammy happily sliding down a water slide and celebrating being a 4-year-old boy. It is all we could hope for him on his special day. And totally worth it.


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