Spring Break Visit with Grandma

After our visit with my dad at Turtle Bay, we spent the latter part of our far northern California spring break visit with my mom and grandparents at their home. It was a quick trip, but the kids had a good time at a carnival and doing an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. I got another sewing lesson (this time it was bloomers to go with the dresses) and learned some other sewing skills from my grandma, the master seamstress!

We did a spontaneous picture with the Easter bunny. I wasn't really planning for a picture. As you can see, the kids are not in coordinating outfits, much less their so-called Sunday best.
After the bunny picture and a quick snack, the kids hit the rides at the carnival. Here's Sammy sliding down with Grandma.
Lucy slid down, too. (Annie also went, but she seemed to enjoy it a bit less than the others, so I didn't include a picture. She really doesn't like to lose her stomach on any contraption or ride, so I think this just wasn't her cup of tea.)
Lucy and Sammy rode a small dragon roller coaster. Annabel passed on that one as expected.
Sammy loved the motorcycle ride. It looked a little jerky to me but, hey, I guess that's his thing.
Lucy's favorite: the Ferris wheel. It was a beautiful day. Bright blue skies with cotton candy puffed clouds. Yeah, that's the term we like to use (cumulus might be more accurate).
Another ride on the motorcycle for Sammy.
The girls rode on the jeeps, while Grandma looked on.
Lucy rode the motorcycles, too.
The kids were so excited to hunt for eggs!

Pookie and Grandma helped Sammy search.
Grandpa Red helped with the hunt, too!
Lucy loves Pookie.


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