Plum Season

It's plum season! It's plum season! It's a bumper crop, too! The tree branches are heavy with plums. So many plums that I finally have decided to start canning. On a visit north my grandma (Nona) so generously taught me how to make plum jam and I am forever grateful that she took the time to do that. Now every year that we get plums, we also will have jam the whole year through because she was such a great teacher of how to put up those plums. Wonders for winters to come.

This is from one day of plum picking off our single tree. There were at least two weeks of two bowl yields a day in that beautiful tree this year. It more than made up for the paltry harvest last year. 

These 12 jars are about half of the jam I made during those plum weeks this summer. Jam making is time consuming and a little stressful to a beginner but so totally worth it.

Plum jam gifts for our friends. Bring back the jars and you'll get more jam next year if our tree gives it!


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