Overheard at Our House

Here we are again with another installment of amusing (often nonsensical) conversations that have happened at our house recently.

Sammy said, "Aye-aye, Captain!"
I said, "Aye-aye, Sammy"
Sammy said, "Mama, you are the Captain and I am the Sir."
I said, "OK."
Sammy said, "Wait. Maybe I am the Captain and you are the Sir."
I said, "Sounds good."
Sammy said, "Yes. But I do not know what the Sir is."
I said, "Maybe it's the first mate?"
(Captain) Sammy said, "Aye-aye, Sir!"

Sammy asked, "Mama, how do you steer the shopping cart?"
I said, "Well, you push one side of the handle to make it go this way and the other side to go that way."
Sammy said: "I want to drive the cart someday. I want to drive a car, too."
I said, "One day, you will. I am an excellent driver. I can teach you!"
Sammy said, "OK, thanks, Mom. But, you know, I am an excellent driver, too!"

Lucy exclaimed, "Mommy, Mommy! There's a new NOVA recorded on the TiVo!"
I asked, "Really? What is it about?"
Lucy said, "It's about the sun and how it has secrets!"
Hooray for another one who loves PBS.
Sammy said: "I'm not going to tell you!"
I asked, "You aren't going to tell me what?"
Sammy said: "How many cookies I ate."
I asked: "How many did you have?"
He held up three fingers to go with his mischievous grin.
I said, "Wow! That's a lot of cookies! I'll have to put them up high so you won't be tempted again."
Sammy said, "Uh, no. That's not a good idea at all."



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