Oregon Trip

Late in July we went to Bend, Oregon, to attend my cousin Kim's wedding. Our family got to see the lovely landscapes of Northern California and Oregon during our travels to and from Bend.

We stayed at a fine resort and enjoyed Bend and its surrounds to the fullest. Lucy and Sammy were in rare form because of the long travels and lack of routine, but that's life with us. We cannot always count on the best behavior no matter the occasion, and we cannot always perform as expected under the scrutiny of the familial microscope. Life goes on.

Still, I try to look on the bright side of the trip. We swam in the fun resort pool multiple times, we went to a delicious pre-wedding, wood-fired pizza party where I am sure the kind hosts' garden suffered following the trampling of the elephant-like kids (led by yours truly's kids, of course), and my girls wore darling dresses my grandma (their great grandma Nona) made by hand. Quite a lot of bright, really.

It was a beautiful wedding in a spectacular setting. We were happy to share in the joy and to see family from afar whom we do not often see. Kim and Brent are a wonderful couple and we wish them all the best in their life together.





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