Horsing Around: The Girls' Big Birthday Bash!

The girls celebrated being 6 and 8 years old at their shared horse-themed party with many of their kindergarten and second grade girlfriends from school. The party was complete with horse rides and mini petting zoo, plus handmade hobby horses, gold panning, face painting, cupcakes, pizza, pinata and hobby horse races. It was a quite a busy celebration! So much effort and time (hours!) to make it all happen but all worth it. The girls loved the animals as well as time with friends playing games and having fun. It was a good decision to combine the girls' parties because we were able to budget differently and make better choices during the party planning. It also was a really good decision to have it while school was still in session instead of waiting until midsummer when so many people are on vacation.

This is one of the hobby horses I sewed entirely on my own. It was very time consuming but they turned out really cute. The girls picked the fabric and the party colors were based on that. 

The first 10 were a breeze; hobby horse numbers 11 through 20, not so much. Still, I got a lot of practice with my sewing machine and hand stitching, too!

Annabel riding in the court on one of the horses. The company we used was fantastic. The handlers were very nice, and the horses were painted and had braided tails and manes, plus lots of ribbons for decoration. 

Lucy petting a bunny in the corral. I made the girls' skirts, too. I think they might have got a smidgen of duck poop on them in the mini zoo corral.

Annabel petting some animals with friends.

Sammy just after petting ducks and maybe wiping duck poop on his shirt. Hard to tell.

Lucy loved the brown horse most of all.

The girls with the golden hills in the background.


Cupcake time!

Look who is 6!

Making wishes.

Hoping they will come true.

Panning for gold.

Pinata time.

On your mark, get set, go!

Horse race spectators.

The girls had a wonderful party!


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