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Swim Team

Lucy joined swim team this summer for the first time. She did well for being a beginner. Swim meets are chaotic and stressful, but she seemed to be able to handle it. She improved her technique and times over the summer, and most importantly, she continued to enjoy it even with the competitive element thrown in there. Lucy wants to do it again next summer and says her favorite part about swim team is "just being able to swim." That's my girl.

Ballerina Annabel

Annabel's ballet performance this year was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She played one of the court entertainers, a type of traditional dancer of which the name escapes me at the moment. I'll have to find the program to see what she is called. Darling is what I called her. My camera broke the night of the dress rehearsal, so I had only my cell phone camera. My pictures are a bit funky because of this, but she is a wonder all the same in her fancy tutu. Annabel's hard work during all those ballet classes paid off as she danced beautifully. I was told during the early performance she hammed it up a bit to the audience. I wish I could have seen that! We are so proud.

Last Day of School

Kindergarten and second grade are done. Glad that's over with. Let the summer fun begin! (Edited to add: Little did I know summer 2012 would prove to be so difficult with so much conflict among the siblings, prompting a lot of parenting book reading by yours truly. Still, we all did have a lot of fun, too.)

Horsing Around: The Girls' Big Birthday Bash!

The girls celebrated being 6 and 8 years old at their shared horse-themed party with many of their kindergarten and second grade girlfriends from school. The party was complete with horse rides and mini petting zoo, plus handmade hobby horses, gold panning, face painting, cupcakes, pizza, pinata and hobby horse races. It was a quite a busy celebration! So much effort and time (hours!) to make it all happen but all worth it. The girls loved the animals as well as time with friends playing games and having fun. It was a good decision to combine the girls' parties because we were able to budget differently and make better choices during the party planning. It also was a really good decision to have it while school was still in session instead of waiting until midsummer when so many people are on vacation.

This is one of the hobby horses I sewed entirely on my own. It was very time consuming but they turned out really cute. The girls picked the fabric and the party colors were bas…