Disneyland Trip: Day Two

We spent our second day in Anaheim at California Adventure Park. An adventure in California indeed. It's a fun place with so much to do.

The kids met Dug, the dog from Up. "Squirrel!"

Lucy, Sammy and Daddy on the Ariel ride.

While Lucy and Paul were off riding Soaring over California I took the Sammy and Annabel to see the Disney Jr. show. We met Handy Manny afterward.

A lesson in perspective.

On the Heimlich's Chew Chew Train in A Bug's Land.

The kids and Paul getting soaked at the overlook to the Grizzly River Run ride.

Annabel doing the zip line at Redwood Creek.

Lucy zipping away.
Sammy flying, too.

Lucy loved the Ferris wheel.
Sammy and Simba up high.
Paul and Sammy.


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