Disneyland Trip: Day One

Our annual Disneyland trip took place in May again this year. It's among the best times to go. This time we had no rain to speak of (so nice!), plus a more spacious hotel, complete with roaring lion. This vacation is pretty much our one and only for just a few days out of the entire year so we live it up. Rides, treats, swimming, drawing, dancing, dining out and endless walking. It's a good one while the kids are young, (this year it was 7, 5 and 3 years old.) and I think we'll be back again next year. I am sure it will become old hat and not such a wonder for them at some point, but for now it's all good. 

This first day at Disneyland was Mother's Day and Paul's birthday, too. What a way to celebrate!

Our family in front of the castle and Mr. Disney.

First ride, the horse drawn street car.

The button I made Paul get. The cast members must say "Happy Birthday" when they see the pin. Perfect strangers were wishing Paul a happy birthday all day long. Hahahahaha!!!

On Annabel's favorite ride, It's a Small World.
Annabel with her Nala.

Lucy and Annabel meet Chip and Dale. Dale has the red nose.

A little bit of percussive expression next to the Matterhorn. Disneyland can be a bit much for me, but I do love how out of nowhere there can be an outbreak of spontaneous song and dance.

Watching the princesses in the Princess Fantasy Faire. Annabel is thrilled as you can see, and Lucy always loves a good show.

The girls on the Storybook Land Canal Boat.

Lucy took this one of me and Sammy on the canal boats.

Lucy and Paul on the Casey Jr. Circus Train.

Little monkey on the train.

Annabel, Aladdin, Lucy and Sammy

Lucy turning the ball through the wonder of water.
Fairy Annabel perched on a flower in Pixie Hollow.


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