Disneyland Trip: Day Four

We met up with my cousin Kim and her fiance Brent on day four at Disneyland. The visit was short but sweet. They seem to be a very happy couple indeed! They also were very cute in their unintentionally matching attire. :)

Before we met up we started off with a Monorail ride. They've changed the route, so it's not as picturesque as I remember it being when I took the monorail at age 13, but we did get a good peek in at Cars Land, which is currently under construction. Then I went on Space Mountain while Brent and Kim were stuck on Indiana Jones for an hour. I nearly tossed my cookies after that ride. Won't be doing that again. Ever. Paul took Lucy on the Star Wars ride again while I recovered.

Finally in Tomorrowland Brent and Kim found us, then we found Paul and Lucy, and we all made our way to Adventureland. We did the Jungle Cruise together, and then went up into the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, which is so much fun! We walked around a bunch after that. My kids don't like the roller coasters and neither do I, with the exception of Big Thunder Mountain (which Lucy and I both go on eagerly), so we were kind of at a loss for how to spend our day as a big group. They had already done It's a Small World and only Sammy will go on Pirates of the Caribbean, so that was out. We all had just done the Jungle Cruise and the tree house... there really weren't many more places to go as a group. With that, after walking around a bit more, Kim and Brent were off to enjoy Splash Mountain and we stuck to the kiddie rides and stationary attractions that we seem to prefer. :) It was great to see them even if only for a short while.

After saying goodbye to Brent and Kim, we went to California Adventure's animation academy and tried our hand at drawing Donald Duck. I love this kind of thing and we all had a pretty good rendering of the grumpy old duck. We also went on the Ariel's ride for what seemed like the millionth time, and Paul and Lucy went on Soaring over California for the umpteenth time as well.

Annabel's Donald Duck. The guided drawing moves pretty quickly, so after voicing frustration an animation helper came over and filled in some of the major lines with her permission so she could catch up.

Linda's Donald Duck.

Lucy's Donald Duck.

Paul's Donald Duck.

Sammy's Donald Duck.


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