Yes Day

The day before Easter we all went out to brunch, and it was at that delicious First Street Alehouse meal I hatched the idea of giving the girls their very first "Yes Day!" I am going to admit right now that I did not know of the book with the aforementioned title; we've never read it, we knew nothing of it. I thought of this all on my own that morning, but apparently many others have had this idea, too, including a children's book author! We soon will be getting this book at the library because I would like to see what the kid in the book decided to do on the day that most reasonable requests were answered with "Yes!" The girls picked from a wide array of tasty treats at the buffet brunch until they were bursting with satisfaction, then we were off to miniature golfing (their first time!), the local animal shelter, Old Navy and finally Jamba Juice for a late afternoon snack. We finished off the day with dinner and a nearly endless bubble bath with lots of watery playtime as well as many stories and extra reading time. It was a fantastic first "Yes Day!"

"Can we eat whatever we like?"
"Yes, we can!"
So here they are with waffles and honeydew melon at First Street Alehouse's delectable brunch.
"Can we go miniature golfing?"
"Yes, we can!"
Here are the golf girls ready to tee off!
One of many strokes to get the ball in the hole.
The girls actually were approaching the game of golf more like one would approach shuffleboard, but that's OK.
Posing with the famed castle that previously we only had seen from I580 for years.
Nearly finished and pleased as punch to now have done miniature golfing! What's next for Yes Day?

"Can we go to the animal shelter?"
"Yes, we can!"
Here are our animal loving girls ready to go in!
Feeding the rescue bunnies.
Petting them, too.
Meeting sweet Darla, the terrier mixed breed pup. She was very shy, but I think she enjoyed the visit with the girls.

Admiring the artwork at the animal shelter.
"Can we get new dresses?"
"Yes, we can!"
 Here are the girls at a Old Navy's springtime photo op. We got some cute summer dresses. Love those gift cards!
"Can we go to Jamba Juice?"
"Yes, we can!"
 Perfect timing for a pick me up smoothie!


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