School Stuff (Mostly)

Late winter and early spring was a time of many school activities and achievements for the kids. Here are a bunch of pictures to show and tell all that went on.

This new blogger format is bugging me because I cannot get the spacing correct while also using the picture captions feature. Forgive the mishmashed appearance.

Lucy wrote a bear report and built a model of the American Black Bear and its habitat. It was her very first written report and she did very well!

The Black Bear model up close.

Annabel with her Valentine's Day hat and sack of valentines.

One day we stopped at the playground on the walk home from school to let the girls have some swing time.

Annabel started ballet class again in late winter. They are going to perform Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the end of the season. Here she is on the first day back at class just before going in: all decked out in her tights and rainbow leg warmers that my friend Jo knitted for her.

Here is Lucy's spring school picture. I, obviously, had no idea that it was picture day.
Here's Annabel's spring picture. She has a darling smile, but all I see are the mismatched bow and the plastic bracelets, a testament to my utter oblivion that it was spring picture day.

Sammy's preschool Easter party.

Sammy finding eggs during the Easter egg hunt on the playground.
Sammy with his Easter basket.
Lucy right before her Go Green school assembly. All the movies I took of her singing are too large to upload to blogger. Bummer.
Lucy earned 61.1 AR points in one month! Wow! At the time of this printout she had 257 AR points for the year.

We took Annabel's class mascot out to In-N-Out Burger for dinner one evening. She was Star of the Week and we had many adventures with Butterball. 

Here is Annabel's Star of the Week poster we made to celebrate all things Annabel.


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