Happy Hollow Trip

We spent the first day of spring break at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose. This was plan B, as when we arrived at San Jose Children's Discovery Museum we discovered it is closed Mondays (not sure how that slipped my notice). Anyway, it turned out to be a better choice because the weather was gorgeous! The day was great: full of rides, climbing fun, and animals to pet and see; but it ended on a down note when Sammy took off sprinting toward six lanes of traffic upon leaving the park and gave me the scare of my life. We now have a harness (or, as some say, a leash), so that I don't have a heart attack next time he decides not to listen when it's really the worst possible place and time to assert that ever evolving independent streak.

Sammy chose a polar bear on our first ride of the day, the carousel.
Lucy chose a cheetah, continuing to be influenced by her 1st grade class animal. The cheetah and the seahorse (from her 1st grade ocean animal play) always are favored over any other wild animal (favorite domestic animal is the dog).
Lucy swinging in a basket swing.
Annabel and Sammy take a turn swinging.
The kids riding the bug ride. This was just after all four of us rode on the Frog Hopper ride, which takes you up then drops you down a fair distance and fast. Annabel was beyond scared on it, though the other two loved it. She was happy to be on a mild ride again.
Annabel waiting in line with us for the roller coaster ride. She would not ride but waited patiently while we went around, around and up and down, all the while waving to us and happy to be a spectator.
Lucy on the Pacific Fruit express. She likes roller coasters now!
Sammy, my seatmate, LOVED the roller coaster. No fear at all, filled with excitement to be there. He is a thrill seeker through and through.
All three on a chameleon.
Climbing up the redwood play area.
On the tree swing. This will be Lucy's last year on it. She enjoyed the ride but is just so tall for her age that it won't be possible next year.
Coming down the super slide at the redwood climbing area.
Annabel coming down the big slide at the redwood climbing area.
Lucy loves animals--all animals--and was thrilled to feed the goat in the petting area.

Annabel rock climbing. She was a natural! Scaled it no problem

Both little monkeys scaling the rock climbing wall. They had a such a fun day.


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