We celebrated Easter at our house in the usual manner: coloring eggs the day before, waking up to baskets full of spring/summer essentials (shovels, swim suits, towels, books, plus some chocolate bunnies, of course), then lots and lots of hunting for eggs. The Easter bunny went mad this year! The eggs were everywhere! The kids enjoyed a frenzied egg hunt, then the surprise filled time of opening the eggs, plus plenty of playtime. A delicious Easter meal cooked by chef Paul rounded out the day.

Annabel coloring eggs. Such a cutie pie!
Sammy's green egg. No ham.
Lucy like to mix it up a bit, dipping in pink, then blue, and so on.
Baskets are filled. Bunny got smart a while ago and started filling them with things the kiddos needed: swim suits, towels, notepads for writing and doodles, plus books. Candy was aplenty, as well.
Morning of Easter.
Kids all dressed up and ready to hunt. I made the girls' dresses.
A hunting she will go!
Annabel found a golden egg!
Dapper Sam looking for eggs.
Golden egg is turned into Daddy who brings out the real prize: a giant chocolate egg that Paul brought back from England. Apparently, no Easter there is complete without an enormous chocolate egg.
Another golden egg is hidden up above!
Good catch!
Another gargantuan chocolate egg!
Lucy also found a golden egg. She mostly enjoyed the hunt as she isn't really fond of sweets. 
Happy Easter!

Stickers, frogs, bugs and rings, oh, my!
So many eggs to open!
Sammy loved the Easter fun!


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