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Overheard at Our House

Here we are again with another installment of amusing (often nonsensical) conversations that have happened at our house recently.

Sammy said, "Aye-aye, Captain!"
I said, "Aye-aye, Sammy"
Sammy said, "Mama, you are the Captain and I am the Sir."
I said, "OK."
Sammy said, "Wait. Maybe I am the Captain and you are the Sir."
I said, "Sounds good."
Sammy said, "Yes. But I do not know what the Sir is."
I said, "Maybe it's the first mate?"
(Captain) Sammy said, "Aye-aye, Sir!"

Sammy asked, "Mama, how do you steer the shopping cart?"
I said, "Well, you push one side of the handle to make it go this way and the other side to go that way."
Sammy said: "I want to drive the cart someday. I want to drive a car, too."
I said, "One day, you will. I am an excellent driver. I can teach you!"
Sammy said, "OK, thanks, Mom. But, you know, I am an excellent driver, too…

School Stuff (Mostly)

Late winter and early spring was a time of many school activities and achievements for the kids. Here are a bunch of pictures to show and tell all that went on.

This new blogger format is bugging me because I cannot get the spacing correct while also using the picture captions feature. Forgive the mishmashed appearance.

Bay Area Discovery Musuem

This day was one of my favorite days in recent memory. Even in distant memory. The late morning sun shone down on all of us, filtered through the stubborn San Francisco fog that was not easing up its grip on the bay as quickly as it sometimes does. The air was cool and damp with a hint of salt, that thick, gray air that is so very San Francisco. I had not lived it in so long that when once again reacquainted with it, I loved it as much as I had once hated it when I actually lived there. The kids were excited to see a new sight, be in a new place and, above all, explore, as that is what my kids do best. Paul and I were getting along famously, also enjoying the day, seeing our kids happy, being pleased with them and each other. The life we tend to let take over, the one with all the demands, schedules and pressures, was replaced for a day by a life of leisure, relaxation, playtime, a picnic lunch and unhurried rambling from exhibit to exhibit in a fun place for all. I cannot wait to hav…