Overheard at Our House

Sammy found two safety pins from my sewing area and he and Annabel were using them as "clips" until I discovered them. I said, "These are safety pins, not clips. They are very sharp and not toys." Lucy chimed in, "Why are safety pins called safety pins if they are sharp? Safety pins are not safe at all!"

Sammy was trying on a shirt that looked two sizes too big, so I said, "Oh, that shirt looks so big. What size is it anyway?"
He replied, "It's size 20 miles. Yeah, about 20 miles."

I walked into the guest room and found Sammy jumping on the bed, so I said, "You are going to break that bed, and then where will Grandpa Red and Nona sleep when they come to visit?"
He replied, "I will not break it. It's big and healthy and strong, so it will not break!"

"OK, time to go to sleep!" I said to Sammy, who was stalling the inevitable lights out moment.
He said, "Mama, I have to tell you something. It's about something I was thinking or something I had to do, maybe in the morning. Uh, well. Oh! When is it Christmas?"

As we were driving to preschool Sammy said, "Look at the BOVINES, Mommy!" Apparently, that's what Daddy calls the cows that live in the field across the street. Nothing like teaching your kid a little about the biological subfamily bovinae!


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