Lucy Cousins Inspired "Hooray for Fish!" Art

We resumed our Friday Art a couple weeks after all the Valentine's Day crafting madness ended. Our Lucy Cousins inspired Hooray for Fish! art was a three part project. First inking and painting, then re-inking and cutting, and finally gluing. The kids loved the bright colors and the fun fish shapes. This was one that all three kids were able to do: Lucy did all parts on her own, Annabel did everything except the inking of the fish, and Sammy did painting and gluing.

Here's our battered copy of Lucy Cousins' Hooray for Fish! that inspired the project. First we read it yet again, and then we talked about the bright colors as well as the many shapes and sizes of the fish.

Here's Sammy painting the flying fish. I have no pictures of him painting the blue ocean backdrop, but he did that, too.

Serious business all this art making. Sammy tends to mix the colors, making things brownish overall. I even set out a paint brush for each color, but he still mixed them. This is totally normal for his age, as I recall all the kids did it.

The girls painting their blue ocean backdrop. We used two shades of blue to provide a little depth.

After inking in the fish outlines with a Sharpie, the girls began to paint.

After letting the fish and seaweed dry, we re-inked the black outline, and then cut out the fish and seaweed. Following that, we glued the shapes onto the dry blue ocean backdrop. Here is Annabel's finished project.

Here is Lucy's finished project.

Here is Sammy's finished project.

And just for fun, I did one, too. :)


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