Lindsay Wildlife Museum Outing

The second weekend of Paul's European business trip (i.e., second weekend of single mommyhood) to keep the kids busy and entertained I planned a rainy day visit to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. It also was to make up for the first weekend he was away when Annabel was so sick and we all had to miss Sammy's preschool carnival. Not fun at all. We have a membership to the Children's Creativity Museum that offers great deals for half price admissions to many museums, zoos and the like throughout California, so it was affordable, too! It was our first time there and it was fabulous for everyone. It was open and airy (so I could keep track of all three), with animals around every corner. There were plenty of opportunities to learn about the different animals through presentations, interact with the animals during petting circles and, best of all, to watch an actual wild animal go through a veterinary exam and treatment live! All the kids love animals, all the kids love being busy, all the kids love learning, so this was a great experience for our family (minus one).

Sammy checking out something microscopic (?) with the microscope.

Annabel trying out the binoculars one could use for bird watching.

Here is Annabel sitting in an eagle nest model with her class mascot, Butterball, who came along with us on the outing. Butterball did something special each day during the week that we had him (the week Annabel was star). We wrote down all the fun in Butterball's journal that went back to class with him at the end of the week.

This contraption simulates flying like a raptor. Very cool!

Sammy's turn, except his little arms didn't reach the sensors, so he couldn't twist, turn and dive. He still had fun soaring though!

A barred owl perched high in the room.

A great horned owl perched up high. Most of the wildlife comes to the museum sick or injured (my nickname for the place is Almost Roadkill Museum). However, some animals come as babies and may or may not be able to be released into the wild again.

Petting a hamster at one of the petting circles.

Lucy's love of animals is evident. She even loves animal statues!

Annabel with Butterball riding in an armadillo shell. I'm not sure Annabel knew what was up with the shell or where exactly the animal was that used to live in it.

This is the bald eagle that lives there. He came from one of the Great Plains states. He flew into a power line and injured his wing, which eventually had to be amputated. He survived but can no longer fly, so he stays at the museum. They keep him busy with different enrichment activities, so he doesn't become bored in captivity.

Sammy sticking his hand in the raptor donation sculpture and watching the eagle presentation.

Annabel was enamored with the bald eagle and watched him for quite some time.

What is it about holes that makes children stick their hands into them? At least this time she was actually depositing a donation.

This was the live exam and treatment of a red shouldered hawk who was found in a field very underweight. They were unsure what was wrong with him but treated a couple wounds on his leg and tube fed him. We sat in a dark theater watching it all while the vet told us exactly what she was doing at each point during the procedure. There was a Q&A period after the treatment, during which Lucy asked some excellent questions. She hopes to be a vet someday.

All in all, a really fun outing at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.


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