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Lindsay Wildlife Museum Outing

The second weekend of Paul's European business trip (i.e., second weekend of single mommyhood) to keep the kids busy and entertained I planned a rainy day visit to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. It also was to make up for the first weekend he was away when Annabel was so sick and we all had to miss Sammy's preschool carnival. Not fun at all. We have a membership to the Children's Creativity Museum that offers great deals for half price admissions to many museums, zoos and the like throughout California, so it was affordable, too! It was our first time there and it was fabulous for everyone. It was open and airy (so I could keep track of all three), with animals around every corner. There were plenty of opportunities to learn about the different animals through presentations, interact with the animals during petting circles and, best of all, to watch an actual wild animal go through a veterinary exam and treatment live! All the kids love animals, all the kids love being busy,…

Sammy Is Dressing Himself

Sammy is dressing himself now. It's going really well, except for the part about him putting on each article of clothing backwards. And I mean every item, including underwear. All backwards! He's such a funny kid.

Overheard at Our House

Sammy found two safety pins from my sewing area and he and Annabel were using them as "clips" until I discovered them. I said, "These are safety pins, not clips. They are very sharp and not toys." Lucy chimed in, "Why are safety pins called safety pins if they are sharp? Safety pins are not safe at all!"

Sammy was trying on a shirt that looked two sizes too big, so I said, "Oh, that shirt looks so big. What size is it anyway?"
He replied, "It's size 20 miles. Yeah, about 20 miles."

I walked into the guest room and found Sammy jumping on the bed, so I said, "You are going to break that bed, and then where will Grandpa Red and Nona sleep when they come to visit?"
He replied, "I will not break it. It's big and healthy and strong, so it will not break!"

"OK, time to go to sleep!" I said to Sammy, who was stalling the inevitable lights out moment.
He said, "Mama, I have to tell you something. It's a…

To Catch a Leprechaun

We were not going to do this whole leprechaun thing until Lucy, of her own accord, decided to build an elaborate leprechaun trap on the spur of the moment last night. We had zero green glitter, no Lucky Charms, no green decorations at all. So instead when the kids awoke to see if they had trapped a leprechaun they found a note from "Larry the Leprechaun" signed with footprints, some green chalk (originally slated for the Easter baskets), a can of green Play-Doh and a few printables for them to color. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Follow the precarious staircase of Girl Scout cookie boxes up to the trap.

Sign reads: "Welcome Lepercan! One at a time, please!" Safety girl made it. A chip off the old block.

There's the gold coin she made and placed carefully inside the box. It's resting on a platform that is supposed to give way when he steps on it, thus trapping him in the box. Will it work?

Nope. It didn't work. But he left a note: "Can't catch me…

Lucy Cousins Inspired "Hooray for Fish!" Art

We resumed our Friday Art a couple weeks after all the Valentine's Day crafting madness ended. Our Lucy Cousins inspired Hooray for Fish! art was a three part project. First inking and painting, then re-inking and cutting, and finally gluing. The kids loved the bright colors and the fun fish shapes. This was one that all three kids were able to do: Lucy did all parts on her own, Annabel did everything except the inking of the fish, and Sammy did painting and gluing.

Here's our battered copy of Lucy Cousins' Hooray for Fish! that inspired the project. First we read it yet again, and then we talked about the bright colors as well as the many shapes and sizes of the fish.

Here's Sammy painting the flying fish. I have no pictures of him painting the blue ocean backdrop, but he did that, too.

Serious business all this art making. Sammy tends to mix the colors, making things brownish overall. I even set out a paint brush for each color, but he still mixed them. This is tot…

Spontaneous Blimp Detour

One day while on our way to Coscto, I glanced over in the direction of the airport and saw a great, big blimp. We weren't in a hurry, so I asked Sammy if he'd like to stop by the airport to see the big blimp. He said, "YES!" So that is what we did. There is a fantastic observation tower and it turns out it was a busy day for air traffic. We saw the blimp in all its stationary glory but stayed much longer to watch the airplanes take off and land. Wow! That's some spontaneous fun for a 3-year-old boy. I enjoyed it, too.

Scenery Close to Home

Now that I am running three days a week (when I am not recovering from injury, anyway), I am out in the neighborhood a lot more. Here are some of the scenes I see close to home.

These are my tulips. I planted them about 5 years ago, and each year they have a beautiful surprise in store for me when they pop up again and again. Best kind of garden plant. Zero maintenance, yet gorgeous each year.

The cows in the field across the street from home.

Brushy peak in the distance as viewed from the trail I usually run on.

Ornamental plum trees in full bloom.

More blooming plums.

Super Slide

This is the super slide that Sammy made with our furniture while I was making lunch one day. It's super for sure. He is a mover and shaker (and slider, too). That's one happy kid.