Visit to Grandma's House

To Grandmother's house we went for Presidents' Day weekend. What a blast we had! The weather was nice, so the kids played outside the first evening we were there, then they helped Grandma make homemade pizza. Yum!

The next day we got up early and headed over to the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay. So much to do there: animals, museum, aviary, interactive creek and playground. What fun! Later that day Mom and Grandpa Red took all three kids to see The Muppets while Nona taught me the ins and outs of the sewing machine she gave me and we started on a dress for Lucy (more on sewing in the next blog post). We fit a ton of fun with family into one short weekend trip and we can't wait until spring break to do it again.

Lucy and Grandma spreading out the dough.

All three kids spreading out the red sauce. (This was hard to watch. And even harder to clean up.)

On go the toppings.

The kid friendly pizza (the adult one had many more toppings; both pizzas were delicious!).

Perched on a turtle at Turtle Bay. They all are actually saying: "Turtle Bay!"

My mom and the kids on the Sundial Bridge.

One of me and the kids on the Sundial Bridge.

Inside the museum looking at an exhibit of the river from the bottom up.

Annabel with the river fish.

It was a special fly fishing weekend, so all the kids tried their hand at casting. (No hook was involved, thank goodness!)

Here's Lucy trying out casting.

Annabel was quite good at casting!

There was a Dr. Seuss exhibit, which was very cool but not something we could enjoy with a 3-year-old in tow.

Annabel and Sammy driving in the Chevy.

Sammy built this tower.

Lucy tied this fly. It's hard to do.

A grey fox Turtle Bay rescued.

Sammy doing some serious digging in the gravel pit.

Annabel's favorite part of the day: creek play!

Sammy's got a lorikeet on his head!

Annabel was happy to look at the birds but did not want them to be near her at all.

Lucy's got a lorikeet on her head! (And she was in HEAVEN!)

So, yes, Lucy and I loved the lorikeet aviary the whole time, but as time wore on Sammy and Annabel not so much (as you can see by his face). Still, it was a great place!


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