Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day Paul and I exchanged a present each (I got a showing of Breaking Dawn Part I, he got a wall calendar I made for him on KodakGallery). In addition to the little tokens of love for each other, Valentine's Day also is about making little loves for the kids and their friends at school. I always have made homemade valentines for the kids and the tradition continues, but with the work now lessened on my part because Lucy makes nearly all of her valentines on her own. She loves to do it and I love to see her craft away.

Annabel with one of her valentines for a classmate, signed by her and made with my help.

Lucy with one of her valentines for a classmate, made entirely on her own.

All three kids' valentines for classmates.

Here's Sammy's: I "Wheelie" Like You!

I filled jars with kisses and wrote a note to each of the kids about how much we love them.


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