My New Fashion Mate Sewing Machine from Grandma

During Presidents' Day weekend my grandma (AKA, Nona) passed on her late 1960s, Singer 237 Fashion Mate to me and showed me how to do the basics: threading a needle, winding a bobbin, pulling up the bobbin thread, using the presser foot, and sewing forward and in reverse. That is a lot to take in for a person who had never (not once!) touched a sewing machine, but I soaked up as much as I could and started sewing away. With my grandma's expert guidance I finished my very first dress! I am so thrilled that Grandma is teaching me all that she knows (an astonishing knowledge!) about sewing, and that I have a new hobby.

Here she is--the cutest little Italian-made Fashion Mate ever! So, I'm a little obsessed with her. Once home, after doing some research I learned she's all metal except the hook race cover, the one plastic piece. I love all 32 solid metal pounds of her! I even got her a new slide plate from an online sewing parts company. It suits her. :)

My grandma showing me how to sew the first pieces of the dress.

Lucy modeling the dress. It came out really well, almost entirely because I had the best teacher a student could ask for.

Here's Annabel's that I finished on my own at home.

Modeling the back, with one down feather slipper on. What can I say, she's got style!

My third project: Lucy's spring dress. The hem looks uneven in the picture, but it's not. :)


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