Van Gogh Art, Butterfly Art

On a rainy Thursday afternoon in January (one of only a handful this dry, dry winter), we had Friday Art one day early in an effort to lift my (yes, my) spirits. These spirits of mine had dropped after hearing a whole lot of bad news about our cat Stimpy's health that morning at the vet's office. Kidney disease (which, by the way, is incurable -- progressive decline is expected). Severely infected ears. Mouth issues. Our geriatric cat has some health troubles. It's to be expected at his age. He's got a new diet and some drops for his ears. We'll see.

Anyway, we skipped the torn paper snowmen project and other wintery subjects to instead focus on light, flowers and other things of joy. We put on our Van Gogh glasses and painted sunflowers. Then we imagined butterflies in nature and painted those. Lucy added in a still life as well. Sammy got into painting, too, as well as drawing a few pictures for his sisters.

Sammy drew rainbows for his sisters because he knows his sisters love rainbows. He usually doesn't care to participate in Friday Art, but with all the rain and being stuck inside he joined in.

Sunflowers with watercolors.

Sammy's painting was very good this time. He is learning to not dip the brush in every color then paint, which makes each stroke a shade of brown. Instead he will dip in one or two colors, then paint, and then rinse before dipping again.

Lucy's still life. She used a Sharpie for outlining the vase and flowers, something she learned in first grade. It makes for a crisp contrast.

Lucy's watercolor sunflowers, outlined in crayon.

Annabel's watercolor sunflowers also outlined in crayon.

My sunflower.

Moving onto butterflies.

Lucy painted hers sitting on a leaf.

Annabel often takes cues from Lucy's art and also painted her butterfly on a leaf.


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