Overheard at Our House

Annabel and Lucy share a room. Lucy came out late in the evening and announced from the upstairs landing, "I think it's about time Annabel has her tonsils taken out. She is really snoring loudly tonight!"
All this came from Lucy knowing that after she had her tonsils/adenoids removed she no longer snored (and, more importantly, her serious sleep apnea issues also resolved, but that's not what came to mind in the face of Annabel's snoring).

Annabel was asking about going to Chuck E. Cheese's when we visit Grandma. She was dancing and spinning and said, "We get to play and see Chuck E. Cheese and hug him! Except I never hug him because I'm scared of him. But we get to play!"

Lucy said, after eating waffles with delicious maple syrup (because our Costco supply had run out and, in a pinch, I picked up some at Trader Joe's, which doesn't sell the fake stuff), "I don't think we should eat that fake syrup anymore because we should not be eating fake food! It really isn't good for you."

"What do you get when you plant a hamburger seed?" Lucy said. I replied, "Um, do you mean a sesame seed?"

And lastly we have an exchange between Sammy and me.
Sammy: "Bears make honey!"
Me: "No, bees make honey, but bears like it!"
Sammy: "Bears eat honey."
Me: "Yes, just like Pooh bear loves to eat honey."
Sammy: "Pooh is like poop!"
Me: "No, it's not. Pooh is a different word entirely. It's Pooh bear's name."
I'm not sure how the bear unit at preschool sparked this conversation (so many things were lost in translation!) but it was really funny.


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