Hills Near our Home

These are the hills near our home. These hills soon will be covered with tract houses. House after house will line the hillsides: houses of similar size and shape, all very close together, all in their sure-to-be beige glory (not that there's anything wrong with that). It isn't our land. It isn't the city's land. It isn't the county's land. It is the developer's land, and the developer's plan is to build 76 homes right smack on top of these lovely hills.

We watch fireworks from these hills. We hike these hills. We enjoy the views from these hills. We also enjoy views of these lovely hills from our homes, from our walks in the neighborhood, from our school. Perhaps most upsetting to me is that from our kitchen window, from our dining room window and from our bedroom windows we see these scenic hills and the mountains beyond. That soon will be lost. True, they are not our hills, but the view of these hills makes standing at my kitchen sink washing dish after pot after pan after sippy cup bearable for hours every single day. I only ask, in this great valley of ours, with so much flat land to build on, why must they build on the hills to which we all look? Why on these scenic, lovely hills?

We took a hike on the hills in late January.

Having a snack mid-hike on some of the many rock formations on the hills.

A trail through the hills. That's Mount Diablo in the distance.

Annabel, my cutie, after the hike.


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