Hearts for the Birds

I recently discovered this nifty little website called Pinterest. Ideas for everything on that puppy, including the birdseed hearts you see below. The girls loved doing these. The assembly was exactly at Annabel's level, so they each did them entirely on their own.

Start with a tray of cardboard hearts with ribbons attached, a plate of Crisco and a bowl of birdseed.

First spread the Crisco on the heart, as you see Annabel doing here.

Then spoon on the birdseed and press down slightly to make it stick, as you see Lucy doing here.

The finished products. If your birdseed includes sunflower seeds (ours didn't), you can add a cute border of sunflower seeds around the edge.

Hanging the birdseed hearts on our tree. If you hang them next to a small branch from which the birds can perch while eating, it makes it a lot easier for them to enjoy!

Our neighborhood birds loved them!

The girls crouched in the bushes, doing a little bird watching.


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