Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's Eve at home for a change, just a quiet (sort of) evening with our little family after a day of playtime, movies and games. Last year, we weren't all present because Paul's Dad had passed away and Paul was back in England. This year it was nice that we were all together again to ring in 2012. Thinking back to other recent New Year's Eves, the year before last my Dad and brother had come to visit so we rang in the new year with them, and for two years in a row prior to that we celebrated with friends at their homes. So many New Year's Eves to recall as time continues to march on, and most of late have been good ones. This is a good one too: to be alive, well and with family. You couldn't ask for anything more really. Happy New Year!

We brought out the camping pots for some down home, old fashioned, not at all quiet New Year's Eve noise making. :)

Happy New Year hats, necklaces and blow-outs ready!

By the way, this little New Year's celebration is happening on New York time: 8:58 p.m. Pacific time. Ha! These kids cannot stay up late. (Pssst... I didn't make it to midnight Pacific time either.)

The ball is dropping almost midnight in New York (8:59 on the West Coast!)!

Happy New Year!

We all went out for more banging of pots to celebrate a Happy (fake) New Year. :) It was cute.


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