Capitola for a Day

I think we should live in Capitola, California. It's all bright, sunshiny and beachy there. We, as a family, love that. The playtime, the sea air, the waves, the relative warmth and even the sand are like heaven for every one of us. We pick days of 70 degree temperatures or higher, no wind and plenty of sun to make the hour-long drive through the valley and over the coastal mountains for some time at the beach. I suppose if we lived there we would get the days of fog and cold, too, but it would make the best-weather days all the more appreciated. Perhaps someday we'll make it back to the beach life. For now we'll stick to our once monthly beach days, weather permitting.

Dancing with shadows and waves.

The waves go out.

The waves come in.

Joyful digging.

Building a huge sandcastle with Daddy.

Beach picnic.

Busy kids.

Happy kids.

Content Mama.

Bye-bye beach! We'll be weather watching and waiting impatiently for our next opportunity to see you again.


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