Sammy's Christmas Performance

In mid-December Sammy had his Christmas performance at preschool. He did very well and actually sang for about half the songs, which is great for him! The performance was short and sweet and, of course, very cute. The morning was topped of with a gathering in the parish hall for some treats and drinks, then good-byes to friends and teachers until the New Year!

Aren't the golden star crowns cute?

Singing is serious business.

Sammy was ready for some sweet treats in the parish hall after the performance.

Here's Sammy in front of the preschool Christmas tree that had all the kids' ornaments on it (few were left at this point), which every day he would go to and point out the one he made.

This video is of Sammy singing "Twinkle, Twinkle." They both did really well!


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