Jolly Escapades

This year Jolly the elf made his appearance on Dec. 1. The story goes that he watches the children for naughty or nice behavior every day, and then magically flies back to North Pole each night to report to Santa the good or bad news. He sees everything the kids do, no matter where they are, so he's always got something to tell Santa. He also gets to see his other elf friends up there. Once he's done with his reporting and socializing at the North Pole, he flies back to our house and picks a new spot from which to watch the kids. Each morning the kids can search for him when they wake up and sometimes he makes mischief or is silly when he arrives back home.

Jolly drew silly pictures on the kids' portrait! Annabel is a gingerbread girl, Sammy is an elf and Lucy is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Jolly went crazy with the TP in the bathrooom! Naughty Jolly!

Jolly took all the stockings and flew them up to the top of the cupboards!

Jolly had a tea party with Barbie!

Jolly swiped a piece of candy from the Advent house!

Jolly went for a ride with Barbie! (See how he's looking at her? Must be a fun ride.)


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