Halloween Trick-Or-Treat

The big night finally arrived! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! All day long I heard, "Is it time to trick-or-treat, Mama? Is it time yet?" Oy-yoy-yoy! So much anticipation for the costumes and sugar and certain excitement of the night (though I must say we avoid any and all scary sights, scary porches, scary people at all costs -- too scary for all of them still). It was a fun night. They are at such a great age for all this stuff. We are really enjoying it!

Knight, '50s girl and cheerleader ready to trick-or-treat!

This shot shows our spider, Charlotte, and her web; one of the few non-scary decorations we can have. We don't do anything over the top at our house. I'm not kidding, the kids really don't like the scary stuff!

Sammy loving that sword!

Annabel in full cheer mode. She is so enthusiastic! :)

Here's Sammy getting ready to ride in the Halloween mobile on some longer stretches between trick-or-treat stops.

"Trick-or-treat?!" Treats from our nice neighbors, of course.

A few days before Halloween the girls' school had a Halloween event called Trick-O'-Door. Each classroom hands out candy at the door. They all dressed up for this event and had a great time. More candy... yay.


The kids in front of Annabel's classroom. Cute decorations!


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