Christmas with Grandpa Red and Nona

My grandparents come to our house with some frequency as they travel around California, north and south, visiting family. As always, we all love having them to stay and the kids are crazy about them. This time Christmas was in full swing and we did a little present exchange. Our very first visit from family during a Christmas when we would have three such visits. One of their presents we actually were in the process of making for one of our art/craft projects that we like to do. Nona even helped Annabel finish the ice crystal she soon would unwrap.

Paul cooked a big meal for the whole family because it was Sunday and he likes to do that. We all were stuffed afterward, and there was only a little snafu when my little guy upchucked at the table. Ah, well. That's how it goes sometimes. Viruses happen, right? My mom said Nona has a weak stomach; thank goodness that it wasn't any worse than the unfortunate dining room incident of one little person and not more. A memorable dinner for certain.

Sammy starting on an ice crystal for Grandpa Red and Nona.

Nona and Annabel making an ice crystal.

Both girls working on ice crystals. It took a while but they stuck with it. They came out beautifully and we hope will be lovely decorations for the winter for Grandpa Red and Nona.

Eating our delicious Sunday meal Paul prepared.

Opening Christmas presents for the kids, and Grandpa Red and Nona.


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