Gingerbread House

Decorating the gingerbread house has become an annual Christmas tradition in the Nicholson household. It gets a little crazy with candy and icing but is fun, too. This is the first time all three did more decorating than eating though there was a fair bit of tasting, too. Before the final snowstorm of icing that Annabel orchestrated, it was looking really cute... then it got snowed in a bit. :)

Sammy taking a turn with the icing bag to decorate the snowman that would stand in the front yard.

Annabel putting on candy on the roof.

Lucy was using a lot of symmetry in her decorating style but was frequently confounded by Sammy's haphazard application of candy.

Happily decorating!

Cute little gingerbread house!

And then the icing snowstorm hit!

Sammy got caught in the snowstorm, too, as you can see by his face.

Annabel had a blast with the icing bag. Perhaps a future pastry chef?

Sammy the snowboy.

The box has such a pretty picture-perfect gingerbread house.

This is our take on it. Much more decorative, no?


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