Christmas with Grandma

The second of our family Christmas visits came from my mom a couple days before Christmas. We are so lucky to have family near enough to visit during the holiday season. I wish Paul's mom were closer too and we could get everyone together, but we will get back to England someday in the not too distant future, I am sure. The kids so love visits from Grandma because it means lots of playtime and usually at least one park trip or other exciting outing. This visit came at Christmastime so we also got an extra treat of Mexican dinner with Grandma and a present exchange as well.

Annabel hopes Grandma will like the present in the big polka dot box.

Grandma getting some help from Sammy. He said something funny but, alas, I didn't write it down so I have no recollection what it was!

Annabel loves her Barbie horse from Grandma.

Sammy says, "Thank you, Grandma!" for his Bat mobile.

Merry Christmas!


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