Christmas Tree Cutting 2011

We went to Santa's Tree Farm near Half Moon Bay for the third time in as many years to cut our very own Christmas tree. The weather was gorgeous. Sunny skies, warm weather and no mud to speak of this year. We ended up with a wonky, tubby tree because all the other trees we found were too tall or too narrow or had too many holes, but we actually really love our tree this year. It sure took us a long time to find it, but we had fun throughout the whole search. And, as Paul says, it's a Christmas tree we will remember. We also had a lot of fantastic outside time running in the wilderness while considering every possible tree in three huge stands of trees. If you know me, you know I am a picky tree picker, but as the years have gone by and my time, patience and type-A tendencies have diminished, the finickiness has become but a memory... except this year it all made a resurgence. Yes, crazy Christmas Linda is back! Except we still ended up with a weird tree... something went wrong along the way, but, like I said, we really do like our tubby little tree. Next year I have already scoped out another stand to search. Looking forward to that already!

Lucy running through the trees.

Sammy also running full speed ahead through all the trees.

Jumping, spinning and flying through the trees.

We found some baby trees.

Just their size.

We found some giant trees.

This isn't ours, but next year I think I can convince Paul that this is the one! Our house can handle it. We have really high ceilings.

We found our tree!


Annabel had a turn behind the camera.

This is the photo she took.

Christmas cutie.

The kids with Santa.

Just outside Santa's place enjoying hot apple cider.

All the kids helped me decorate my 20th tree since I've been out on my own. Here's Sammy with the tree just after we put on the final ornaments. A tree to remember.


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