Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house was a busy time as usual. There was the making of reindeer food (with added crafty packaging this year), the sprinkling of said reindeer food on the front lawn, the making and decorating of Santa's cookies, the writing of Santa's letters, and the reading of The Night Before Christmas after the usual bedtime routine. It's a magical time. The kids are really into it all and even Sammy was talking about how he had to go to sleep (but couldn't seem to do it!) so that Santa would come. What fun it was to get ready for Santa's annual visit!

Scooping, sprinkling and shaking in the ingredients for our reindeer food to attract Santa's reindeer to our front lawn. First up: oatmeal!

Next: silvery glitter!

Finally: cinnamon!

Shake it! Shake it! Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Now for the crafty part: adding eyes, antlers and a big, red nose!

Sammy with his reindeer food all ready to go. By the way, this is his latest thing. He no longer tolerates the camera's flash so simply shuts his eyes to avoid it.

Annabel's reindeer food!

Lucy's is ready to go, too!

It's cookie time. Lots of shapes this year.

One for Santa, one for Lucy.

We also have the squinty eyes, if not entirely shut, to thwart the camera's flash.

Cookies for Santa.

Writing letters to Santa.

Some with pictures as well.

Sammy dictated his to me but was sure to add his signature doodles.

Sprinkling the food out front. Snowy the polar bear got a fair bit again this year.

Hope you like it, Santa! Made with love from the Nicholson kids.


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