Annabel's Christmas Performance

Annabel's kindergarten class along with one other kindergarten class at school put on a musical called "The Tale of the Gingerbread Man." There were a few parts for the kids as well as a number in the choir. Annabel was lucky enough to get a part as one of the farmers. We borrowed farmer clothes from friends and Annabel practiced every day all the gingerbread songs that would be sung in the performance. She has a flair for singing and did a fantastic job! We are so very proud of our sweet Annabel, who also is turning out to be quite the performer!

Annabel loved the cowboy hat we borrowed from Alyssa for the play and she wore it all the time!

Singing during the assembly on the last day of school.

Singing during the gingerbread performance.

Not only did they all memorize a number of songs but they learn ASL for many of the songs, too!

Farmer Annabel after the performance.

Annabel with her good friend, Madison, from class.

Annabel in action. So cute!


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