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Christmas with Grandpa

A couple days after Christmas we had our final visitor of the holiday season, Grandpa! The kids are wild about him. We played with abandon, went to the park, had another delicious dinner and opened the final presents of Christmas. The weather was gorgeous and it was a really fun visit. We all spent some much needed time with him as we hadn't had a chance to see him in the fall. We are hoping we get up north for another visit soon!

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

Santa came!

The kids were thrilled!

Stockings were filled!

And rapidly dumped! Best things for Annabel were the Cuties (California mandarins). :)

And cotton candy! Oh, my word! This child and her love of cotton candy. Santa knows everything, doesn't he? :)

What is Silly Putty, anyway?

Time for presents!

Sammy is opening something good...

...a Bumblebee Transformer!

Annabel got a new outfit for her Karina doll.

Lucy got a new outfit for her Hawaiian Kanani doll.

Sammy so happy with his grabber that he begged me for each and every time we went to a certain store that sold them in the darned check out line. Sneaky retailers.

The girls also got doggies for their dollies.

An iPanda to play Mommy's iPod playlists she made for the girls (because Mommy is so very tired of the $100 CD players breaking, one after another, after another). They have no idea what it is until later that night when Mommy puts on the Dance Girls playlist and they go wild! :) And for sleeping we have the Lu…

Jolly Escapades

This year Jolly the elf made his appearance on Dec. 1. The story goes that he watches the children for naughty or nice behavior every day, and then magically flies back to North Pole each night to report to Santa the good or bad news. He sees everything the kids do, no matter where they are, so he's always got something to tell Santa. He also gets to see his other elf friends up there. Once he's done with his reporting and socializing at the North Pole, he flies back to our house and picks a new spot from which to watch the kids. Each morning the kids can search for him when they wake up and sometimes he makes mischief or is silly when he arrives back home.

Jolly drew silly pictures on the kids' portrait! Annabel is a gingerbread girl, Sammy is an elf and Lucy is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Jolly went crazy with the TP in the bathrooom! Naughty Jolly!

Jolly took all the stockings and flew them up to the top of the cupboards!

Jolly had a tea party with Barbie!

Jolly swiped …

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house was a busy time as usual. There was the making of reindeer food (with added crafty packaging this year), the sprinkling of said reindeer food on the front lawn, the making and decorating of Santa's cookies, the writing of Santa's letters, and the reading of The Night Before Christmas after the usual bedtime routine. It's a magical time. The kids are really into it all and even Sammy was talking about how he had to go to sleep (but couldn't seem to do it!) so that Santa would come. What fun it was to get ready for Santa's annual visit!

Scooping, sprinkling and shaking in the ingredients for our reindeer food to attract Santa's reindeer to our front lawn. First up: oatmeal!

Next: silvery glitter!

Finally: cinnamon!

Shake it! Shake it! Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Now for the crafty part: adding eyes, antlers and a big, red nose!

Sammy with his reindeer food all ready to go. By the way, this is his latest thing. He no longer tolerates the…