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Thanksgiving at the Beach in Newport, Oregon

Thanksgiving this year was a week-long event that included a stop at my mom's house on the way north to Newport, Oregon, where we spent five days at a huge holiday gathering of our immediate and extended family. It's a very large group now; so many of my cousins have married and a few have had kids, so all together we needed three houses to accommodate everyone. The drive up from the Bay Area to the Central Oregon Coast was long. And I mean looooooong. If we didn't have a DVD player in the minivan I do not think we could ever do such a drive. Wow! What a trip. The kids did pretty well considering the amount of time in the car. The rain the whole way north wasn't ideal either, but we made it through. Of course, it was worth it to see family.

Unfortunately, the pouring rained continued nearly the entire time we were up there, which did no favor for our kids' behavior. They did not like to be cooped up in such a new and exciting place, but we did the best we could to …

Day in a Life, November 8, 2011

I am up at 6:20 a.m. It's dark out. The time change has just happened, but it's still dark so early. Sammy wanders in with his wi-wi (pacifier), blankie and very-wet Pull Up, and he climbs into bed asking for a show. I put on Wild Kratts after taking off his Pull Up and cleaning him up a bit, and then I jump into the shower. Ten minutes later I'm out and dressed. I get my hair and make-up done in the next 10 minutes, too, and that's all it takes to get this glamor girl set.

I flip the TV off, head down the hall and wake up the girls. Last night I set out their clothes (basic organization is required), so I ask them to dress and start brushing their teeth; I'll take my turn helping them brush in a minute. I corral Sammy into his room and get him dressed with the usual amount of difficulty ("Come here, Sammy! Stop spinning and step into your underwear. Come back! OK, now your pants. Step in. No, not jump. Step in. Good!" And so on and so forth.) Back in the…