Soccer Girls

Soccer season started in July for both girls this year, a juggling act for us but worth it because the girls seem to enjoy it. We have three practices during the week after school and two games on Saturday, most of which are not simultaneous, so both Paul and I get to see both the girls play. A few have been at the same time, so we've split up, but it's not ideal because inevitably someone feels left out. I can only wonder how we'll manage when we have all three in activities that have games, practices and other events all at around the same time.

Lucy loves being part of a team and is beginning to really understand the game. While she is not naturally aggressive on the field, she is able to participate to the best of her ability because she is beginning to see where her strengths are, allowing her to know the best positions to be in and giving her a positive edge. We are proud of her for sticking with it and continuing to try hard and learn so much.

Annabel is just beginning to learn the game, as it's her first year playing. She too loves being part of a team and can definitely hold her own out on the field, showing confidence and an ability to attack the ball and use her arms to muscle in there and control her own space. I think she gets that from having a little brother who likes to bother. She seems to flag in the second half of games, so we are starting to do the running club at her elementary school a couple mornings a week to get a bit stronger. (I run too when I'm not injured or watching Sammy. Yay, me!) Overall, she's doing great and it seems like a sport she can stick with and enjoy during the next few years.

First practice for team Pink Dynamite.

Hot summer day spent playing at the playground while big sister practices, just before her very first practice.

Annabel's first soccer practice with team Butterflies.

Suited up and ready for her first game!

"Yeah, Mommy! This is my game face!"

The Butterflies in front of their very cute banner.

Game on!

So many smiles out there. Great to see her having fun!

Lucy's game face.

Lucy with Daddy, pre-game pep talk.

First time as goalie. She stopped quite a few balls!

Dribbling up field.

Trying for a goal, almost got it too!

Lucy's team banner. Wow!

Soccer sisters!


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