Big Basin

In September we went camping for the very first time at Big Basin in the redwoods not too far from home. We went with two other families, our close friends, and there were seven kids total, so lots of fun was had by all. I can't really narrate too much at this point because time has passed again too quickly, but here are many pictures of the trip. That will teach me to wait too long before posting our adventures!

Annabel, Hollis, Lucy, Ruby, Emory and Sammy having breakfast.

Another shot of the girls at breakfast.

Baby Isaac enjoying some milk, a happy camper!

Digging in the dirt among the best parts of camping.


The beautiful redwoods from the ground up.

Sammy and Emory doing the camping thing.

More fun in the dirt.

Sammy in his element.

Silly face.

Where's Jimmy?

Silly face in a redwood.

Kids on the run.

Posing in the ruins of a fireplace.

Fallen redwood walking.

Checking out a banana slug.

The Face of Boe tree.

Creek walk.

Post-hike ring pops.

Ruby and Hollis.

Baby Isaac.



Hilarie and Sam.

Leslie and her baby.

The kids made their own campsite.

Miss Ruby.

Flying time.

Last campfire of the camping season.


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