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Country Day Trip

At the end of October, we had the opportunity to spend a day out in the country at another pumpkin patch/cattle ranch out in the hills northwest of our home. The proprietors were there running the whole show and were as kind as could be. They treated the kids to a few extras as it was on the actual day of Halloween, and the whole day out could not have any better. Fantastic day. Beautiful weather. Happy kids.

Three kids on a three-wagon ride pulled by a mini tractor.

Here we go!

Howdy, Mama!

This is the life!


Mini Ferris wheel.


More spinning!

Another kid loving the whirly seat.

Trying out the Western saddle.

Happy trails!

Feeding the llamas and the horses some hay.

Sammy kept calling the llamas "mama llama pajama" because we'd just checked out a book from the library, an infectious rhyming book about a llama and his mama.

More feeding of the animals.

Halloween Trick-Or-Treat

The big night finally arrived! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! All day long I heard, "Is it time to trick-or-treat, Mama? Is it time yet?" Oy-yoy-yoy! So much anticipation for the costumes and sugar and certain excitement of the night (though I must say we avoid any and all scary sights, scary porches, scary people at all costs -- too scary for all of them still). It was a fun night. They are at such a great age for all this stuff. We are really enjoying it!

Knight, '50s girl and cheerleader ready to trick-or-treat!

This shot shows our spider, Charlotte, and her web; one of the few non-scary decorations we can have. We don't do anything over the top at our house. I'm not kidding, the kids really don't like the scary stuff!

Sammy loving that sword!

Annabel in full cheer mode. She is so enthusiastic! :)

Here's Sammy getting ready to ride in the Halloween mobile on some longer stretches between trick-or-treat stops.

"Trick-or-treat?!" Treats from our n…

Carving the Jack-O'-Lanterns

Two days before Halloween we carved the pumpkins. We don't do it any sooner than that because they will turn black and take on a life of their own! I gave the kids markers and they all designed jack-0'-lantern faces, which I roughly followed when I carved them (still no knives for the little ones).

Sammy really got into the whole process this year.

Sammy making the face he drew on his pumpkin.

Lucy did a great job this year with scooping out the seeds. She really got most of them out!

Goopy scoopy!

"My pumpkin has hair!"

Sammy wouldn't touch the "ick" in the center of his pumpkin. I had to scoop the whole thing out.

The Jack-0'-lanterns are lit!

Fall Leaf Art

This is another art project we did on a Friday in October. These are textured fall leaves, using paper towel leaves, crayon and watercolors. All three kids did one. I think they turned out really well.

Lucy's fall leaves.

Annabel's fall leaves.

Sammy's fall leaves.