The School Year Has Begun

School started late August for the girls and early September for Sammy. It's been sort of hit and miss this year. We are very pleased with Sammy's start at preschool and are really proud of him. I was frankly shocked at how well he's doing! There has been no issue with getting into trouble yet, and I'm going to knock on wood and hope it continues. "Knock-knock." Lucy has a good teacher this year. She seems rather sedate, but she cares for the children and has good academic expectations. Annabel's first teacher was all wrong in so many ways. We endured two weeks in her class before being able to change to a new teacher. Her teacher now is fine. We are looking into some changes for the future but are in a holding pattern for now.

Annabel's first day of kindergarten!

Lucy's first day of second grade.

Our two school girls ready to go!

In front of Lucy's class.

Annabel hanging her backpack up. She looks a bit nervous here, but I don't think she was.

Waving goodbye.

With a smile.

Tired after a long day but still enthusiastic.

Annabel's first day in her new class.

Sammy's first day of preschool.

Found his name plate.

Put it in the attendance chart.

Building a tower and full of smiles.


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