Our Summer of Swimming Lessons

It was the summer of swimming lessons for our kids this year. They were signed up for swimming lessons the week after Lucy's school was out and took them for eight weeks straight. Pretty much every day we could be found at the Rhonewood pool. It was a huge commitment of time, energy and money but so very worth it. They all came out better swimmers (or in Sammy's case less fearful of the water) and it was such a good investment.

Lucy, who always loved the water, now can dive, swim the length of the pool and is working on her strokes. Her teacher said she'd be a good addition to swim team next year if she wanted to and, of course, Lucy was thrilled at the idea.

Annabel went from sitting on the step at the start of the summer to actually being able to move herself through the water, feet off the bottom! We discovered the book Little By Little at the library this summer and it fits Annabel perfectly. Little by little, just like the otter in the book, she is lifting up her feet and swimming longer spans. I think by next summer she'll be a confident swimmer.

Sammy sat out the first few weeks of summer until I potty trained him and then he was game. He loved it at first until he realized they expected him to accomplish certain tasks, chiefly "bobs." He hates them and would rather do his own thing, but he got through the four weeks he was in the pool and I'm proud that he stuck with it despite a few tears.

First day of swimming. Lucy's ready!

Annabel swimming during her first week of lessons.

Lucy started in Level 2.

Sammy entertaining himself while the girls swam.

Lucy practicing the backstroke.

Annabel refuses goggles to this day but was happy to wear her shades. It was bright each day, so I don't blame her!

Week five and Sammy's in the water in Level 1!

Week five and Annabel had graduated from Level 1 to Level 2!

Lots of smiles while Annabel practices the backstroke.

Toys could usually stop his tears.

Lucy in her fifth week was at Level 3.

"Hey, Mommy!"

Annabel came so far! On her last day you could really see that she was loving the water.

She dove down and got that ring!

Safety day and Lucy took a turn being the lifeguard.

So proud of Annabel! She went from Level 1 to a solid Level 2.

Sammy with his Level 1 completion certificate. Proud that he stuck it out and stayed in the water.

Super swimmer Lucy. Level 2 to start and Level 4 to finish! Yay! She's like a fish. :)


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